Newsgroups: rec.arts.poems
Subject: Re: What about PALINDROMES?
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From: (Mark Thomas)
Date: 25 Oct 1994 09:36:06 -0400

Alexey V. Andreyev ( wrote:
: I wonder if somebody writes palindromic poetry in English.

I regret posting this without its full citation, but the source of this poem has 
somehow gotten away from me.  I hope this makes someone laugh as hard as I laughed 
when I first read this.

                     In Eden, I

  Adam: Madam --
   Eve: Oh, who --
  Adam: (No girl-rig on!)
   Eve: Heh?
  Adam: Madam, I'm Adam.
   Eve: Name of a foeman?
  Adam: O stone me! Not so.
   Eve: Mad! A maid I am, Adam.
  Adam: Pure, eh? Called Ella? Cheer up.
   Eve: Eve, not Ella. Brat-star ballet on? Eve.
  Adam: Eve?
   Eve: Eve, maiden name. Both sad in Eden? I dash to be manned, I am Eve.
  Adam: Eve. Drowsy baby's word. Eve.
   Eve: Mad! A gift. I fit fig, Adam.
  Adam: On, hostess? Ugh! Gussets? Oh, no!
   Eve: ???
  Adam: Sleepy baby peels.
   Eve: Wolf! Low!
  Adam: Wolf? Fun, so snuff "low."
   Eve: Yes, low! Yes, nil on, no linsey-wolsey!
  Adam: Madam, I'm Adam.
        Named under a ban.
        A bared, nude man --
   Eve: Mad Adam!
  Adam: Mmmmmmmm!
   Eve: Mmmmmmmm!
  Adam: Even in Eden I win Eden in Eve.
   Eve: Pure woman in Eden, I win Eden in -- a mower-up!
  Adam: Mmmmmmmm!
   Eve: Adam, I'm Ada!
  Adam: Miss, I'm Cain, a monomaniac.  Miss, I'm --
   Eve: No, son.
  Adam: Name's Abel, a male base man.
   Eve: Name not so, O stone man!
  Adam: Mad as it is it is Adam.
   Eve: I'm a Madam Adam, am I?
  Adam: Eve?
   Eve: Eve mine. Denied a jade in Eden, I'm Eve.
  Adam: No fig. (Nor wrong if on!)
   Eve: ???
  Adam: A daffodil I doff, Ada.
   Eve: 'Tis a--what--ah, was it --
  Adam: Sun ever! A bare Venus . . .
   Eve: 'S pity! So red, ungirt, rig-nude, rosy tips . . .
 Adam: Eve is a sieve!
   Eve: Tut-tut!
  Adam: Now a see-saw on . . .
   Eve: On me? (O poem!) No!
  Adam: Aha!
   Eve: I won't! O not now, I --
  Adam: Aha!
   Eve: NO! O God, I--(Fit if I do?) Go on.
  Adam: Hrrrrrrh!
   Eve: Wow! Ow!
  Adam: Sores? (Alas, Eros!)
   Eve: No, none. My hero! More hymen, on, on . . .
  Adam: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!
   Eve: Revolting is error. Resign it, lover.
  Adam: No, not now I won't. On, on . . .
   Eve: Rise, sir.
  Adam: Dewy dale, cinema-game . . . Nice lady wed?
   Eve: Marry an Ayr ram!
  Adam: Rail on, O liar!
   Eve: Live devil!
Adam: Diamond-eyed no-maid!
  Both: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!